Committee and meeting management system

Committee and meeting management system

A meeting management system is a set of tools and technologies that help in organizing and holding meetings. This includes planning meetings, managing tasks and agendas, viewing meeting minutes, and following up on the resolution.

Why a committee and meeting management system?

Why do organizations choose Hexture?

Common Questions

The meeting coordinator who manages the entire meeting in terms of attendance, assigning decisions, and voting.

The system was built in a simplified manner, whereby a custom barcode is created for each meeting, and it is sent to all attendees automatically, and when the barcode is scanned, entry is given to the meeting.

The meeting coordinator can create a vote, specify who has the right to vote, and also specify the exact time the vote ends.

Yes, the system supports Arabic and English.

The system supports the Hijri and Gregorian dates, and the user can change it according to what he wants.

The person responsible for the meeting is determined in advance by the meeting coordinator, and at the end of the meeting, the minutes are sent to the meeting official for signature and approval through the system.