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We have done a lot of tasks, ideas and consultations for clients, and the work is still ongoing

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With the changing business landscape, our lives are more mobile than ever. We design and build websites and mobile applications that provide a range of development and management services with full lifecycle coverage – from strategy, study and analysis to development, modernization, maintenance and bespoke support.

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We have implemented many great ideas

We have done a lot of tasks, ideas and consultations for clients, and the work is still ongoing


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Our knowledge in software engineering enables us to develop websites and design applications in the best possible way!

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Systems Solutions

They are integrated solutions provided by Hexture to help companies manage their various operations and activities more efficiently and effectively, and also help improve the quality of work and simplify and facilitate work.
You can choose from these systems to suit your activities. Hexture provides you, through its systems, with integrated technical support, from requesting the service to delivery and trial. Hexture provides after-sales service and constantly shares technological developments with you.



Correspondence Management System Outgoing/Incoming (HexMate)


Document Management System

And retrieve, format and destroy them for more than 200,000 users. The system is primarily intended to operate in an electronic environment enabling the operator to use uncluttered information and documents from one easy access point. In a way that allows the advantage of opening multiple documents and different files together at the same time. The program also supports many languages, including English and Arabic, and allows for easy integration with various local terminal systems (LDAP, Active Directory SAP, ERP).

Sysmtem Features:

Incoming and Outgoing Correspondence Management System

The administrative communications system aims to automate the administration and administrative communications departments in the facility and transform facility transactions into paperless transactions. The system follows up on incoming and outgoing correspondence from various entities and follows up on them by implementing the necessary procedures on them from the presentation process and following up on transactions by assigning them as tasks to employees through the system.

System Features:

Meeting Management System

A meeting management system is a set of tools and technologies that help in organizing and holding meetings. This includes planning meetings, managing tasks and agendas, viewing meeting minutes, and following up on the resolution. Managing committees and meetings provides a set of features that help in organizing and managing committees and meetings effectively, including:

Committee Management

The system allows managing the various committees in the company and the possibility of adding a committee outside the company, creating committees, adding committee members, appointing officials, managing the committee agenda, and following up on committee activities.

Meeting management

The system allows managing various meetings conducted by committees, including creating meetings, adding participants, managing the meeting agenda, and following up on meeting activities.

Meetings Archive

The system allows you to save and view files related to committees and meetings.


The system allows the creation of various reports about committees and meetings, including attendance reports, tasks, and decisions.

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